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Dive into the world of intense fights and gripping rivalries with superfan Katy Bellissima as she brings her sassy and sexy style to the crazy rough and tough world of professional fighting.

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Katy Bellissima


Key Points:


  • Born in California – BUT now a southern girl.
  • Mom at 17….3 boys by 30
  • Owned and operated two businesses since 2000
  • Now….doing what I want to do
  • Love to travel — mostly USA, Mexico, … some Europe
  • Spends time at residences in the mountains and lakes of  North Carolina

a long time fan!

Like most the 2006 amazing Stephan Bonner and Forrest Griffin fight awakened the Indian warrior in me.  I can’t describe the sense of awe I had in watching them literally give it their all in the ring.  Trail blazers such as Forrest Griffin, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell and of course – the legendary Royce Gracie ….and so many since those days have became my sports heros.

One of my ALL TIME favorite fighters.  Not just a champion but a good man.